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The Healthy Chef Custom

Premium personal chef meal planning and prepared meal delivery service for those with special dietary needs.

The Healthy ChefSM custom meal programs are a premium personal chef service for people who need more meal planning or dietary customization than is available with our A La Carte menu or standard Meal Programs.

Whether you are a professional athlete trying to meet a dietary or weight goal, you are training for a triathlon, or you simply have special or specific dietary needs, The Healthy Chef custom program can help you meet your goals. Think of us as your own “virtual personal chef service.” Let us know your needs and we will create a customized meal plan to meet your requirements. Traveling away from home? No problem, we’ll have your personalized meals shipped to wherever you are in the U.S.

We work with celebrities, sports teams and players in college, major and minor professional leagues across many sports (e.g., baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, mixed martial arts, body building, triathlons, etc.) to provide them with a convenient and efficient way to ensure they are eating only what they are supposed to in order to meet their goals, and to avoid snacking, bingeing and other bad eating habits.  We have helped all-star and hall of fame athletes and celebrities lose weight, gain weight, carbo-load, protein-boost, balance proteins and carbohydrates, and simply enjoy healthy, delicious meals. But The Healthy Chef custom programs are not for celebrities and athletes alone.

Whether you are a nutritionist, personal trainer, dietician or doctor, if your clients need help keeping to the nutrition plan you have designed, we can help you set-up personalized meal plans specific to their health goals.  If you are someone that just has a unique nutritional need, our program coordinators can help create a customized meal plan for you.  If you are thinking about hiring a personal chef or are unhappy with the personal chef you are currently using, try Healthy Chef Creations’ premium personal chef service.

The Healthy Chef custom meal plans are individually designed and priced. Prices vary and are quoted on a plan-by-plan basis, based on the amount of the food, costs and complexity of the plan, location and frequency of delivery, and the length of time you for which you commit to use our personal chef service.  The Healthy Chef custom meals can only be ordered by phone, by calling us at 866-575-2433. They cannot be ordered online.

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For more information about custom meal programs, please call our customer service representatives at 866-575-2433.