Here's what the experts have to say

Rebecca Gerard, R.D., L.D. (Read Bio)

Healthy Chef Creations WORKS! Healthy Chef Creations meals are not only superior quality, but nutritionally balanced and healthy. I not only recommend this service to my clients, but also I eat the food myself! It works.

Frederic J. ("Dr. V") Vagnini, M.D. (Read Bio)

I endorse Healthy Chef Creations spa-inspired, fresh, organic, wholesome meals. This service is perfect for those wanting to lose weight or for those that have diabetes and heart disease.

William H. Andrews, Ph.D. (Read Bio)

After being on [the Healthy Chef Creations] program for 2 weeks, I have to say you have the best food on the planet. I am really enjoying the convenience, taste, and healthiness of your food plan. And, I love losing weight so easily. Thank you very much.

Kathy Bee, Certified Lifestyle Educator (Read Bio)

As a nutrition/lifestyle educator, I work with clients of all ages and all walks of life. Every client I have worked with has commented on how fantastic they feel when they make simple lifestyle changes and better food choices. By putting processed, unhealthy foods in their bodies, they are inviting disease, mood swings, low energy and unhealthy weight gain back into their lives. I will hear I don’t have time to prepare meals ahead of time, or it’s just easier to pull into a fast food restaurant on the way home. That’s where Healthy Chef Creations has come in to save the day! Clients who use Healthy Chef Creations [programs] stay on the healthy path, enjoy delicious real food, and maintain their weight loss and improved health. I am so happy that there is a company that understands the importance of healthy, real food and is there to make our lives easier. There really is no excuse to eat unhealthy food with Healthy Chef Creations available to help.

Monica Oganes Murray, Ed.S. (Read Bio)

Research indicates that a balanced and nutritious diet influences behavior, learning, and mental health. A lack of nutrients has been found in populations with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, and other neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. I endorse Healthy Chef Creations fresh organic wholesome meals. Feeding children nutritious, organic food increases their ability to grow healthy through improved learning, increased attention, healthy brain functioning, adequate weight, and better peer relationships.