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Lazy vs. Healthy

How many times have you sabotaged your diet simply because healthy food wasn’t immediately convenient? A new study reported from Saint Bonaventure University in New York suggests this scenario is a reality for many of us. The study focused on how having an unhealthy food option and a healthy food option within close proximity of the participants. While the participants said they preferred buttered popcorn, those sitting closest to apples or equidistant between ate more apples than popcorn. This implies that laziness may override our desire to eat healthy, even when we know what is best for our health. Keeping finger foods like celery sticks and peanut butter, or fresh fruits within reach may help you stay on that diet.

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Is too much protein as bad as smoking?

You may have heard of, or even practice a low-carb or meat-and-potatoes type of diet that boasts frequent intake of red meat or other high-fat sources of protein. But have you heard that this way of eating may be as damaging to your health as smoking? Based on a long-term survey of nearly 7 thousand adults in the U.S., researchers found that high consumption of protein increased the risk of developing cancer and diabetes in middle-aged adults. Moreover, the survey found that people who consumed higher amounts of plant-based protein (like beans) had lower death rate during the period of study. One explanation is that the growth hormones found in animal protein, as well as our body’s process of breaking down protein into amino acids are risk factors that contribute to DNA damage.

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5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

What else could you do to spruce up your lifestyle this Spring? There are a lot of ways you can change or even improve previous lifestyle choices that will renew your spirit as the days grow longer. Have you thought of starting a garden? Physical activity need not necessarily take place in a gym with recycled oxygen when fresh air and digging around in your garden may produce similar results. While you beautify your landscape, you could burn 300 calories in a mere hour! If allergies are keeping you from outdoor activities, then it could possibly be time for you to seek medical attention. Don't let itchy eyes and a runny nose prevent you from burning calories in the yard or enjoying a humid evening stroll around town. Remember, health goes far beyond diet and exercise. Drop excuses and enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

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