August 2015 Newsletter


What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is not a “fad diet,” but the dietary lifestyle of the people who live around the Mediterranean Sea, a lifestyle that promotes longevity and good health. The basic premise is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, eat fish a couple of times a week, and change the way you think about meats and sweets. Here are 8 simple tips for a Mediterranean Diet 101.

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Processed Foods Hurt Your Brain Functioning

Many processed foods have been linked to obesity, heart attack and stroke. But now researchers are finding out that eating processed foods can significantly impair your brain functioning as well.

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How to Stay Hydrated During the Summer Heat Wave

The summer heat is upon us. If you are leading an active lifestyle (or even if you are not), proper hydration is critical for avoiding heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even the life threatening condition of heat stroke. Sadly, many of us suffer from chronic dehydration and don’t even know it. Here are some tips to help make sure you are drinking enough water every day.

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