December 2013 Newsletter


Winter Workout Tips

You may be tempted to call off your workout for the day and lounge on the couch donning sweatpants until March; we have all probably experienced a touch of winter blues at some point. But, if you make this your December to invest in some small lifestyle changes you will roll into the New Year with one resolution in the bag. Try working out during commercial breaks if you can't seem to pull yourself off the couch. A few push-ups and squats make a bigger difference than none! If you aren't big on working out, maybe adjust your eating patterns to fit a less-active lifestyle. Instead of gorging on garlic bread dipped in Mom's famous ham and potato soup, try eating whole grains throughout the day to curb your cravings. Small and simple healthy choices could be your ticket to surviving the all-too-common weight gain during the frigid holiday season!

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7 Surprising Reasons for Winter Weight Gain

We all know that eating comfort foods and hibernating on the couch contribute to winter weight gain. But, did you know things like sleeping under too many covers or not properly insulating your house could keep you out of those skinny jeans as well? Body temperature is the culprit, influencing how well you sleep as well as your appetite levels. Cuddling up under a heavy comforter may feel like heaven; but, scientific research suggests that best sleep is reached when your body temperature drops to around 65 degrees. While awake, however, higher body temperature is linked to having lower appetite levels which potentially contribute to maintaining or losing weight. A study of women found those that ate in an 81 degree room ate 10% less and were less hungry than those in a 72 degree room.

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Small Resolutions Can Make a Big Difference

Do you make a resolution every year? Most of the time these resolutions are extreme, such as joining a gym to lose an unrealistic amount of weight in a short period of time or quitting your brownie addiction cold-turkey. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself! Try making a small, but significant promise to yourself that may lead to more small changes. Incorporate some anti-oxidants into your diet like those found in a handful of pomegranate, blueberries, or even a small square of dark chocolate. Instead of a cigarette after eating, try walking for 30 minutes several days per week to keep your blood moving for digestion. All of this activity may boost your mood levels throughout the day, making you more likely to have a positive outlook in life. If you project good thins happening in your life, you may find these projections to come true! Here's to a healthy, rejuvenated you in the year ahead.

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December Menu Highlights

Delicious Dinners

Turkey with Cranberry Chutney  •  Zucchini, Squash & Tomato Casserole  •  Cuban Chicken with Black Beans  •  Seafood Stuffed Flounder  •  Chicken Enchiladas  •  Rosemary Beef Tidbits over Risotto

Lunch Favorites

Nicoise Salad  •  Heirloom Tomato Caprese Panini  •  Spa Chicken Salad  •  Quinoa, Mango and Black Bean Salad  •  Grilled Ham and Swiss Sandwich  •  Lemon Baked Cod with Blanched Broccoli

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