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12 Reasons Mediterranean-style Diets Are The Best

Scientists have repeatedly found that Mediterranean-style diets are good for your heart. Did you know they are also a great way to lose weight, without having to give up all the foods you love to eat? Here are 12 reasons why Mediterranean-style diets are the best diets for weight loss.

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What and How Much You Eat More Important Than Exercise For Weight Loss

A recent study, led by Herman Pontzer, associate professor of anthropology at Hunter College, found the calorie burning benefits of exercise diminish after a certain level. While the level is different for each person, once your amount of exercise reaches the plateau, it is very difficult to lose more weight through exercise. The standard public health message used to be: to lose weight, simply exercise more. Now Pontzer says the message may need to shift to “If you want to lose weight, you probably ought to focus on changing your diet and watching how much you eat. Exercise can help and it's really important [for health in general], but they are two different tools."

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Foodies Are Healthier Than Picky Eaters

It might seem logical that picky eaters would be thinner and weigh less, but a new study suggests it is actually food lovers, adventurous eaters, who may be the healthier bunch. When people are trying to lose weight they often stick to the same foods and fall into a food rut. Eventually they get bored and go back to the foods they shouldn’t be eating. Adventurous eaters may have a better ability to stick with new diets, and stay away from the foods they shouldn’t eat.

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