February 2017 Newsletter


Do celebrity diets work?

We all hear about the latest “lose weight quick” schemes that our favorite celebrities are trying, but do celebrity diets actually work? Are they good for us? Well, some do contain components of healthy weight loss programs and others are simply not recommended. It seems nothing is better over time than eating smart and exercising.


“Big Sugar” is back again claiming sugar is good for you

In the 1950’s, the sugar industry started its public relations campaign that sugar is no different than vegetables, fish, grains or any other food—“a calorie is a calorie.” Now, 60 years later, they are paying nutritionists to refute claims that sugar is connected with increasing rates of obesity and diabetes.


Mediterranean diet helps with depression

Eating more Mediterranean diet foods relives the symptoms of depression, a new study found. Researchers suspect that the healthier foods may lower inflammation all over the body, and protect the brain proteins that defend against depression. 


Snacking on nuts is good for your heart

Research has linked eating nuts to heart health and lower rates of diabetes. Now it seems snacking on a handful of nuts five times per week may reduce inflammation as well.


Nutritional benefits declining in farm raised salmon

The beneficial Omega-3 oils in farm-raised salmon have declined by 50% in the past five years. While still one of nature’s richest sources of these fatty acids, you now have to eat twice as much to get the same benefit as before. Wild caught salmon has not seen the same declines. Researches believe it may be due to changes in the food being given to the farm raised fish.



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