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Losing Weight Eating Late

Thou shall not eat after 8 P.M. Have you heard this before? A common misconception is that our metabolism drops or even stops while we sleep causing the body to store calories as fat. Recently scientists have suggested that it is not the act of eating after 8 P.M. that should concern people, but what people are eating after this hour of night. Our metabolism cannot tell time; moreover, our body doesn't stop working after we go to sleep. It stays active with metabolizing stored glycogen from what we ate throughout the day. If we eat less than or equal to our realistic calorie needs, our body will metabolize all of the glycogen and possibly start metabolizing fat while we sleep. However, if the late night meal puts us into calorie excess for the day, our body will store this as fat in various cell pockets. The short of it: plan ahead! If you must eat a late dinner, try a balanced meal of lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables. If you cannot fight the urge to snack, try a sliced apple with peanut butter or something with healthy fats to keep you full throughout the night.

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Curb Calories by Chewing Food Longer

Slow down: it may help you lose weight! Studies now show that chewing food longer may help curb the number of calories consumed during a meal. In a recent study, researchers found that people who chewed more slowly felt just as full as those that chewed quickly, but they consumed 17% less calories by chewing longer! As it takes about 20 minutes during a meal for our brain to signal fullness, so slowing down and letting our body tell us when it is full may do our waistlines a favor.

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Top Healthy Thinking Tips For Weight Loss

Losing weight while having a life outside of the gym can be really difficult. No one wants to skip a birthday party, a baseball game or date night because they have to stay home to avoid food sabotage. Luckily, we have fitness gurus to give us tips on how to change our way of thinking, while still enjoying the pleasures in life. Stop "treating" yourself to ice cream at birthday parties or a hot dog at the baseball game simply because you feel the event wouldn't be the same without. Instead, think of how good you will look in the mirror tomorrow if you refrain from these unhealthy indulgences. Do all of your friends rave about the newest restaurant in town that serves fried food, beer, and rich desserts? Try to befriend some folks from your fitness group to socialize with an activity on especially tempting days of the week. Lack of will power easily prevents people from fulfilling their weight loss goals and keeping a bright outlook is absolutely crucial.

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Citrus Turkey Wrap  •  Walnut Apple Spinach Salad with Chicken  •  Chicken Saltimbocca with Black Eyed Peas  •  Asian Lettuce Wraps with Tofu  •  Mexican Fiesta Salad with Steak  •  Tuscan Tuna Salad

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