June 2014 Newsletter


Green Tea, an Original Super Food

Whether a hot cup of tea on a cold day or a refreshing iced tea during the summer months, no other drink compares. Naturally brewed tea is without the jitters, inevitable crash or wild claims of so many energy drinks. The science and history of the health benefits make tea a clear choice for healthy hydration. Another reason to love tea, especially green tea is it has been shown it can help increase your metabolism, so you burn more calories from fat. One article from Web MD states “Tea is a smart swap for sugary drinks, if you sub 1-2 cups of green tea for one can of soda, over the next year you'd save over 50,000 calories. That's more than 15 pounds”

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Connecting Around the Dinner table

Everyone knows dinner time is a great way to gather the family and reconnect. Does your family have a routine for dinner? Is it the routine you would like it to be might be the more thought provoking question. With busy schedules for parents and children alike sometimes taking the time to prepare and gather around an evening meal is a rare event. To keep from feeling stress about it, look at it this way, if a sports practice or family game night is a fun thing the whole family can get involved in then make that your quality time. Another meal everyone may be under the same roof for is breakfast, If so, make that your family meal of the day. The real goal for any family or individual is to unplug from the unnecessary for a little while and enjoy what you are doing and who you are surrounded by. At whatever mealtime it is, savory what you are eating and fueling your body with. Doing so helps create an awareness of health for mind, body and soul.

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