March 2014 Newsletter


Achievable Goals = Results

If you haven't yet pulled yourself out of the cold weather rituals, like spending more time on the couch than burning calories, then a little push may be just what you need. If you haven't thought about a healthy lifestyle change in several months: start slow. Maybe eat one more vegetable than you did yesterday. Are you a gym-rat by nature but took some time off to weather the cold? Try to ease back into working out without setting unrealistic goals. Try a workout class where you are required to pay in advance for sessions so you're less likely to skip out. For those who have never, or rarely, slipped from the exercise regime: Stay on point! Try an outdoor running group or boot-camp geared towards getting outside and breathing some fresh air after months indoors.

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Clean Wholesome Eating Made Simple

Spring is a time to awaken your palate; the market will soon be filled with fresh citrus fruits, berries, and green vegetables that not only aesthetically please but pack an internal punch. Green leafy vegetables are an addition to your diet that you are surely not to regret. Loaded with fat- and water- soluble vitamins C & D, Potassium, Calcium, and Iron. If protein is what you crave during the spring months because your workout regimen is in full-blast, try adding seasonal beans to a salad or light soup. Not only will you feel the energy of protein but beans contain high amounts of fiber to fill you up on fewer calories. Spring is the time to clean out your food pantry. Get rid of those calorie-laden comfort foods; stock up on vegetables and fruits.

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The Great Outdoors Yields Great Result

What else could you do to spruce up your lifestyle this Spring? There are a lot of ways you can change or even improve previous lifestyle choices that will renew your spirit as the days grow longer. Have you thought of starting a garden? Physical activity need not necessarily take place in a gym with recycled oxygen when fresh air and digging around in your garden may produce similar results. While you beautify your landscape, you could burn 300 calories in a mere hour! If allergies are keeping you from outdoor activities, then it could possibly be time for you to seek medical attention. Don't let itchy eyes and a runny nose prevent you from burning calories in the yard or enjoying a humid evening stroll around town. Remember: health goes far beyond diet and exercise; Drop excuses and enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

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March Menu Highlights

Dinner Entrees

Sage Roasted Turkey with Sweet Potatoes  •  Orange Soy Blackened Tempeh  •  Grilled Eggplant Stack  •  Plantain Crusted Chicken  •  Braised Beef with Aromatic Vegetables

Lunch Entrees

California Quinoa Salad  •  Mahi Fish Tacos  •  Southwestern Salad with Chicken  •  Mediterranean Pizza with Greek Salad  •  Cuban Pork Sandwich

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