March 2015 Newsletter

Top 10 Healthiest Foods

These ten superfoods are proven to fight disease and boost your energy. Lemons, walnuts, garlic, chocolate...some of these everyday food items may surprise you. Add them to your diet and take another step toward a healthy lifestyle.

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Eating Fish and Vegetables Reduces Some Cancer Risks

According to a recently released, seven-year study, vegetarians who also eat fish, or "pescetarians" as they are commonly referred, have a 43% lower chance of getting colorectal cancer than people who eat a standard omnivorous diet. More surprisingly, they also showed a 27% lower rate of the cancer than full vegetarians that don't eat fish.

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8 Easy Ways to Follow a Mediterranean Diet

Generally viewed as the world's healthiest diet, research suggests eating a Mediterranean-style diet can help you lose weight, control your blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of depression, and much more. Here are eight simple things you can do to follow a Mediterranean-style diet at home. Of course, if you are reading this Healthy Chef Creations newsletter, you are already aware of an even easier ninth way to do it...

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