March 2016 Newsletter


Evidenced-based Weight Loss

Forget the myths, here are 26 weight loss tips that are backed by the scientific evidence. The Healthy Living meal delivery program by Healthy Chef Creations can help you with at least 10 of them. Can you figure out which ones? Read More


18 Secrets to Living a Longer Life

Some are obvious--drink in moderation, wear appropriate safety gear during activities, exercise more, lose weight, follow a Mediterranean-style diet. Others may surprise you. Take a look at these 18 secrets for a healthier and longer life. Read More


Use of Antibiotics in Animals May Endanger Kids

If you still need another reason to eat organic and all natural foods, the use of antibiotics in animal feed is making it harder for doctors to treat life-threatening infections in young children. Dr. Theoklis Zaoutis of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, co-author of a recent study on the subject stated “The antibiotics that are fed to the animals lead to the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the animal. These bacteria can then be spread to other animals, the environment and to humans.” Two million people each year in the US become ill with an antibiotic-resistant infection and 23,000 die. For most of these infections, children under the age of 5 have the highest incidence. Read More



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