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Not Sleeping Enough Can Cause Weight Gain

Most of us have heard the advice to pursue everything in moderation. When it comes to our healthy lifestyle choices these three little words could mean the difference between spending more years being active and more years spent sidelined with injuries. Building rest days into a workout plan may be even more important than the days breaking a sweat. Our muscles need to recover and rejuvenate just as we need to sleep every night to revitalize our body’s cellular functions. In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that women who sleep less than seven hours per night are more likely to gain weight. This is because sleep deprivation is believed to increase ghrelin, a hormone that induces hunger levels above what would be normal for those who enjoy a full night of sleep. Plan rest along with workouts, your body will thank you.

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How to Stay Healthy on Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is the season when many people want to pack up the vehicle and hit the road for a week or two. Distance driving and hotel-hopping can do some major damage to a healthy living plan, though, so the key is to plan ahead if you want to stay on track with your fitness goals. Try to pack plenty of healthy snacks before leaving the house to avoid the junk food traps at convenience stores. Whole grain bread with peanut butter and bananas, pretzels with hummus, or homemade trail mix are all fabulous options to keep energy levels boosted with protein along with carbohydrates to slow digestion. Staying fuller for a longer period of time on fewer calories is ideal. After filling yourself on healthy snacks, take a moment on the next pit stop to step outside and do some light exercises. A few lunges, push-ups, or squats in the fresh air could be the energy boost you need without the crash of caffeinated beverages. And once you actually arrive to the destination: make no excuses! The endorphin release may be exactly what you need after spending hours reaching your destination.

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Healthy Eating Tips For Summer

Overall health extends further than balancing exercise with a strict diet regimen to lose weight. When is the last time you thought about how your activity and eating habits affect your complexion? As the sun gets stronger and days spent outside become more frequent, the summer months are a perfect time to focus on protecting our largest organ. The first line of defense is what you consume: you really are what you eat! Avoid the trap of ice cream or processed foods most days of the week; rather, opt for fresh salsas with black beans and papaya or blend a cool smoothie full of broccoli, leafy greens, and seasonal fruit like pineapple. If your idea of perfection is relaxing on the porch soaking in the fresh air and Vitamin D, try mixing a homemade mask to exfoliate your face while you kick back. Beat a couple of eggs and add a touch of sour cream for protein-packed hydration, or blend some honey into squeezed lemon juice for a naturally brighter look. And of course, the most pertinent advice of all is to apply sunscreen before every sun exposure whether you spend one hour or several hours soaking up the UV rays to avoid certain cancers as well as premature aging.

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