November 2014 Newsletter


Are Carbs Worse Than Fat?

Recent studies show that higher carbohydrate intake is associated with increased risks for diabetes and heart disease, while saturated fat intake has much less of an impact. "The point is you don't necessarily save the saturated fat that you eat, and the primary regulator of what you save in terms of fat is the carbohydrate in your diet," senior author Jeff Volek of Ohio State University, said in the report.

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Top 10 Holiday Diet Tips

Diet gurus from around the country have offered their best advice to help you survive the parties without packing on the pounds this holiday season. 1. Trim back the trimmings. 2. No skipping meals. 3. Chew gum. Read the full article to see more.

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Best Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

The shopping, the crowds, the parties, the big family gatherings - do you get stressed around the holidays? Try soaking in some sunlight, or smelling citrus fruits. Here are 25 ways experts suggest to help fight the holiday blues.

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