November 2015 Newsletter


10 Tips for Maintaining Your Weight During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here and marks the official start of the holiday party season. Most of us will gain up to 5 pounds over the next month, only to make our annual New Year’s resolution to lose 5 pounds. With a few simple changes to your usual approach, you can enjoy the Thanksgiving feast without packing on the extra pounds and get a kick start on the New Year. Here are 10 simple tips to help you through the big feast.

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Healthiest Thanksgiving Foods

So you want to have a healthier Thanksgiving. Managing portion sizes and making some food choice tradeoffs can have a major impact on your waistline. But it all looks so good and which foods should I choose? Should you eat white turkey meat or dark? Which has less calories – apple pie or pumpkin pie? Should you cut back on the gravy or the cranberry sauce? Here are the best and worst foods to eat at Thanksgiving.

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