November 2016 Newsletter


Struggling to lose weight? You may need help to overcome your genes.

Moods, past experiences and emotions change how you perceive the taste of foods over time, that favorite comfort food from your childhood, the best chocolate ever, the essence of a great glass of wine. But it is your genes that influence the foundation of how you perceive taste and react to foods. They may be sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. "In nature, there is no food that is high in both fat and sugar. There is no doughnut in nature," says Dr. Dana Small, a psychiatrist and expert on flavor at Yale University. "The brain has never seen these two signals arriving at the same time. So what does it do to your brain? Our food has changed in a way that may challenge our physiology." The result is clear as more and more people are becoming overweight. Eating portion-controlled meals, made with whole ingredients, and without added fats and sugars can help you overcome your genes and lose weight. Read More


Are hydroponic vegetables organic?

Does a fruit or vegetable have to be grown in dirt to be organic? Hydroponic and aquaponic farming, where organic and natural nutrients are delivered to the plants solely through irrigation, are becoming increasingly popular and are viewed as both more productive and more sustainable by, for instance, reducing water usage. A growing number of big and small farmers raising plants in these soil-free systems believe their methods are no different from growing plants in dirt, and are potentially even more organic as there are no trace or residual amounts of harmful chemicals in the water as there is in soil. Traditional organic farmers, many of whom have invested a lot money in land, equipment and soil over the years, disagree. They believe a plant needs to grow in soil to be considered organic. At the heart of the issue seems to be what organic really means. Is it something that was grown as it would naturally, even if there are natural occurring substances in the soil that are known to be harmful to humans? Or is it something that is grown without unnatural, additives or harmful elements?  Read More


Holiday season got you feeling depressed? Exercise!

Although exercise has long been seen as a great way to alleviate stress, research shows that it can help improve your mood as well. It may even help prevent you from feeling depressed in the first place. Three new studies involving more than a million men and women strongly suggest that regular exercise alters our bodies and brains in ways that make us resistant to despair. So get out there and exercise! Your body and brain will thank you. Read More 



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