October 2013 Newsletter


Stay Away From Extreme Low-Carb Diets

Many diet plans emphasize less, even zero sources of carbohydrates throughout the day. However, cutting carbohydrates completely may be more dangerous than helpful for overall well-being. Our body and brain feeds on carbohydrates as the number one source of energy. Instead of focusing on one macro-nutrient to cut completely out of your diet, try balancing each meal to get maximum nutrient and weight loss benefit.

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Science of Stress Eating

After a rough day at work, curling up on the couch and gorging on a pint of ice cream may not seem like a bad idea. Why? It has to do with evolution, when stress was accompanied by a burst of energy like running for survival. The only problem is that most people are now stressed psychologically, rather than needing to run for survival. So we are essentially eating too many calories during our binge as compared to the small amount of energy expended by the psychological stress.

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Low Calories and Exercise: A Winning Combination for Weight Loss

Exercising regularly and still not losing weight? You may need to take a closer look at your diet. Working out a few days a week or even daily may not be enough reason to dive into the next bag of potato chips. Most people simply do not burn enough calories during exercise to justify the typical Western diet full of processed foods high in fat, sugar, and calories. Research studies have repeatedly suggested that people who begin work out regimens, without pursuing calorie-restricted diets, experience little to no weight loss results. Exercise alone is not the key to weight loss; rather, exercise along with a calorie-restricted is the winning combination.

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October Menu Highlights

Delicious Dinners

Vegetable Paella  •  Shrimp Cacciatore  •  Miso Glazed Wild Salmon  •  Mediterranean Shrimp Saute  •  Greek Mousaka  •  Barbequed Turkey Cutlets

Lunch Favorites

Super Good, Super Food Salad  •  Ground Lamb Pita  •  Poached Pear & Gorgonzola Salad   •  Grilled Turkey Bacon Reuben  •  Greek Salad w/ Steak  •  White Bean Turkey Chili

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