October 2014 Newsletter


5 Foods to Boost Your Mood

Some foods help us feel calmer and uplifted, others increase stress and anxiety. Studies have shown modifications to our diet can change our moods and help fight stress and depression. Here are five foods that help our mood and four foods to avoid.

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Do Artificial Sweeteners Lead to Obesity?

The potential “bad for you” side effects of artificial sweeteners have long been discussed in popular culture. But people have flocked to them anyway to help them lose weight by avoiding sugar and empty calories. Sweet ‘N Low contains saccharin. Equal original contains aspartame. Splenda contains sucralose. But now, recent studies show they all may also contribute to obesity, the very thing they were trying to help fight.

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Healthiest Carbs You Can and Should Eat

Not all carbs are created equal. We all know pasta, potatoes and junky snacks are full of carbs, but did you know fruits and vegetables are carbs too? However, the carbs in fruits and vegetables are nothing to be feared. They are even something to embrace. Here is a list of the healthiest carbs you can eat, a lot, and often.

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Pale Ale and Kale, Learning to Love Bitter Foods

From bitter beer to kale and brussels sprouts, some people love them and others…well, not so much. Researchers have found a gene that affects how much you taste bitter foods, and those who are less sensitive eat about 200 more servings of vegetables per year. But genes alone do not determine if you are fortunate enough to enjoy those healthy bitter foods. Remember eating bitter vegetables as a kid? Well it may be time to try them again, as your taste buds change over time. In addition, having the right recipe can help make bitter foods taste great. Give it a try and start enjoying the benefits of eating more vegetables.

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