September 2013 Newsletter


Stay Active for Mental Clarity

Most people think of exercise as a way to optimize their physical health, but new research results suggest that exercising may be similarly beneficial for brain activity. One study performed at UCLA confirmed that exercise increased the ability of the brain to grow new connections in the brain that aid in communication between neurons. Another study done by the University of Georgia suggests that merely 20 minutes of exercise improves memory as well as the brain's absorption of information. What kind of exercise is best for a mental boost? Try an aerobic exercise that challenges the brain and body to work at the same time such as cycling or dancing. In general anything that gets the heart pumping will allow for greater oxygen flow throughout the brain, and will also release beneficial endorphins to improve or stabilize mood levels. Read more about the studies and great exercise tips by clicking the link below.

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Eat and Sleep Your Way to Healthy Weight Loss

Another sleepless night may equal another calorie-laden iced latte followed by a day's worth of unhealthy food choices according to a recent study done at UC Berkley. Researchers studied the brains of 23 young adults first after a full night of sleep, and again after a night with interrupted sleep. The results were quite alarming as UC Berkley professor Matthew Walker notes: "What we have discovered is that high-level brain regions required for complex judgments and decisions become blunted by a lack of sleep." Moreover, the regions in the brain that control desire are actually accelerated so that rewards in the form of junk food are desired over healthier food options. Step away from the coffee bar and try some shut-eye instead; your waistline will thank you!

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Skipping Lunch Sabotages Your Goal...Healthy Meals Throughout the Day Delivers Results

Whether in an effort to cut calories in a weight loss plan or to get more work done throughout the day, many people choose to skip eating lunch. Not only does this sabotage weight loss in many cases, it can also negatively affect the level of overall well-being in an individual. Starving yourself throughout the day causes blood sugar along with energy levels to plummet, leaving one more apt to overeat at the end of the day. Ultimately someone who skips lunch is more likely to eat just as many calories in the day as someone who takes the time to eat midday, which completely negates the point of skipping a meal in the first place. The rapid blood sugar spike may also cause metabolic problems as glucose levels during the fast may be unreasonably high, causing a delayed insulin response performed by the pancreas after food is finally consumed. A long-term consequence of this action is diabetes, a metabolic disease, which presents several severe health implications on its own. Do your weight and overall health a favor by eating lunch daily, choosing energizing options like whole-grains or lean protein.

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September Menu Highlights

Wholesome Dinners

Spinach Pesto Spaghetti & Tofu  •  Guava Barbequed Hawaiian Wahoo  •  Grilled Chicken w/Roasted Corn Sauce  •  Italian Meat Lasagna  •  Cinnamon Spiced Turkey w/Onions and Vegetables  •  Quinoa Del Grande

Lunch All Stars

Italian Pasta Salad w/Chicken  •  Bang-Bang Tofu Salad Wrap  •  Loaded Sweet Potato  •  Lamb Gyro  •  Hearty Chili w/Corn Chips  •  Sherry Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup

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