Here's what the critics have to say - 4.5 Stars and a Top Diet Meal Delivery Service Winner 

Prepared meal delivery services have a difficult enough time creating tasty menus that fit into consumer budgets. Healthy Chef Creations takes the concept one step further by using organic products and shipping fresh. …[Healthy Chef Creations] hit the mark for value and quality.  Outstanding, that is all we can say…Exceptional attention to detail…Outstanding Breakfast...Wow, this was a major treat to start the day.  We enjoyed all the meals we had…These might be the best breakfast meals you can get from a meal delivery service too.


Eat This, Not That!

Healthy Chef Creations rated #1 Top Meal Delivery Service For Every Eating Plan.  Read More.



This all-organic line of fresh meals is the tastiest of the bunch.


Health Magazine

Incredibly Tasty!  We were impressed that lettuce, raw mushrooms, and shredded carrots in salads and wraps stayed fresh and crisp even after shipping.


Self Magazine

If there is a weight loss strategy easier than having delicious, healthy food waiting each morning in your mailbox, we can't think of it! ...this plan provides organic cuisine for the whole brood, tailored to the number of adults and kids in your clan.


USA Today

Healthy Chef Creations will deliver the most delicious gluten-free meal available right to your door anywhere in the US.  Just heat and serve.


Food Network

[Healthy Chef Creations'] high standards of quality and purity of ingredients are what [their] customers love.


Orlando Home & Leisure

Love luscious aromas wafting through your home, but not a big fan of spending time in the kitchen?  Healthy Chef Creations has the solution. 


Road & Travel Magazine

For those spa lovers who can’t frequent their favorite getaways as often as they’d like, and for those who simply can’t afford a week of rejuvenation, options are available. 
…Healthy Chef Creations offers the simplicity, nutrition and refreshing taste of spa meals within the comfort and ease of one’s own home. 



Hot gifts for health nuts.  Healthy Chef Creations.  There's a big chance you know someone planning to live a healthier life come January. 
The perfect way to endorse this positive change? A gift that gives them a head start. But all the exercise in the world won't help to shed the pounds unless you're also eating right. 


The Green Connoisseur

Do you have time to find and prepare organic produce, free-range poultry, and grass-fed pastured meats for your family, three meals per day and seven days per week?  Not many people do, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy the option.  Enter Healthy Chef Creations…offering complete organic meals, exquisitely prepared by a professional team of chefs that get delivered to your home—anywhere in the country.


Real Age

Can't cook?  Can't even boil water?  Never fear. Healthy Chef Creations are here.  Organic gourmet meals – delivered.  Whether you need a special diet or just gotta eat, this gift will make you, or anyone lucky enough to be on your gift list, happy.  Eat gourmet every night of the week for less than the price of a nice Saturday night out.


Orlando Magazine

Healthy Chef Creations.  Awarded Best Take Out.