Here's what our customers have to say...

Love the food, placed [another] order. A bit more expensive than the other programs but the food was top notch.     Christine, CA

I was very biased to the idea of ordering, since we work on the food industry and had tried other companies that produce healthy meals and had previously found them to be very blend. I have to say that I was very surprised of how well prepared and seasoned the meals are. Also I'm very happy of how tasty the pasta is, how well done to point the veggies are and now I think I'll be more open to try "new" foods that I normally won't eat. I'm already looking forward to the meals coming up this week and also in ordering some more.”     Yeni, FL

The meals are a complete and tasty surprise - I really was skeptical at first but now I'm sold on them.     Barbara, VA

It is so fresh, tasty, and real. I am able to understand more about portion control and what it means to have a good mix of protein, veggies, starch etc. I do miss some of the dairy I'm used to consuming, and I've never eaten this much fish before but it's all so tasty I am adjusting without issue.     Erin, OH

I’m really enjoying the meals so far! Very high quality and tasty.     Gary, CA

I also just wanted to thank you and the other staff members at Healthy Chef Creations for everything that you do. I have definitely lost weight on the diet...I also feel more energetic and healthy. It’s had a great impact on my quality of life.”     Allison, CA

I cannot say thank you enough. The food has been delicious, and we’ve already told some other interested people in how we are liking the dinners. I gather there is a growing need for just this kind of service. So, a very big thank you, and much appreciation. xoxo     Marie, MD

I am so grateful to have a healthy meal there for me when I get home. I know I'm saving loads on groceries too as I had a habit of going to the store every (late) night after work and I'd just buy random stuff- definitely costing more than the meals do.     Amy, FL

Just couldn’t let the day go by without letting you know how much the food has changed my life thus far. Besides being absolutely delicious, it has enabled me to let go of the stress of preparing healthy food. Although my primary purpose in seeking Healthy Chef Creations out was for weight loss (and it still is), I am already ahead with having healthy food in my body. Thank you for assisting me in this process…     Allison, NY

I purchased a package of meals for my parents as a Christmas gift to see if the service might be something they would enjoy. Since then, my mom has set up her own account and placed a couple of orders. ...mom has really appreciated the ability to go from “actual cooking” to “just preparing” good food. Thank you for making this service so user friendly, tasty and fresh – it’s such a great alternative to frozen meal services.”     Suzanne, TX

Many thanks for all your help in getting these delicious meals to my Mom during her convalescence. It has been a big help to my sisters and I. ...there are not enough words to describe our gratitude. The meals were high quality and arrived fresh and “beautiful.” Your kind customer service kept us engaged and informed. We are providing positive feedback for you and have recommended you to several of our friends with similar needs. Once again thank you for everything.     Cindy, SC

[My meal program] is going well. I changed from another company and I’m happy I did.     Donna, ID

My Mom is raving about how good the food is! It is hard to express in words how much help this is. My Mother is enjoying healthy square meals that are a “cut above” while she recuperates. My sisters have expressed gratitude for the help with Mom’s meal planning – this takes some of the work off of their shoulders.     Cindy, SC

We LOVED all the dishes from last week. We were affected by Hurricane Matthew and our kitchen is completely gutted. This has been an amazing way to eat healthy food without the need for a kitchen countertop, range or anything except a microwave! We are looking forward to our next batch of food!     Stephanie, FL

The meals are tasty and great. Every day is a flavor experience. No regrets.     Gloria, FL

We have been enjoying the meals. I can't say enough about the veggie patties I had for lunch this week, sooooo good. I also really appreciate that the food is fresh, not frozen and that you have the option to customize things. I'm somewhat of a picky eater and I don't eat red meat or pork and very little fish. Your menu is great for that.     Maggie, IL

We do love the meals we ordered! Everything was fresh and delicious!     Susan, FL

Really impressed that the food has stayed so fresh and it’s tasty. I am surprised at how much food there is. I haven’t needed to eat the snacks. Really like the fact that it is normal food not full of sweeteners or low fat alternatives and seems like no preservatives. My husband likes the food too. The dessert sizes are perfect.     Sarah, CO

Please tell your chefs, the food is delicious. Flavors are excellent and the quality of the ingredients are excellent. Their efforts are sincerely appreciated.     Dianne, CO

We have enjoyed the meals. They are very simple, nutritious and easy to heat up. We like that they are not salty, overcooked or over-seasoned; in that way, we can add whatever we want or eat as is. The selections are good. The value is good. They have helped us immensely while I am temporarily unable to cook due to an accident.     Leona, FL

I can't tell you enough how much I love the food so far! SO excited about this program and believe me, I've tried tons of them.     Sheri, TN

This is the 3rd or 4th food service I've used over the years and I have to say that the food is far and away the best I've had. I'm very happy with everything so far.     Joe, DC

Oh my gosh I loved the chicken dish and the Mahi Mahi. I'm having the Mexican dish tonight. I've ordered for two weeks next. As long as you keep mushrooms out I'm happy. I love all kinds of ethnic flavors and unique meals so fire away!! I've even enjoyed the tiny desserts!! They are the perfect size! Thank you!     Melissa, OH

I am very impressed so far with the quality and freshness of the food. Portion sizes are perfect as well!     Andrea, CT

I decided to try a meal plan because I've been trying to get work done around the house while working full-time. I also "try" to eat somewhat healthy, which takes planning, shopping, preparing & cleanup. I'd be frustrated at the end of each week when my home projects weren't getting completed because of spending so much time on meals. Then I'd devote more time on projects and find myself eating cheese sandwiches every day. When I saw your [*] promotion, I decided to try it. I wasn't sure I needed the lunches, but so glad I included them. They are delicious, as are the dinners. I love not having to rely on so much take-out, and I know my meals are healthy. The desserts may appear a bit small at first but I soon realized they are the perfect portion, and I would not change a thing! I had the tropical brown rice pudding last night - delicious!     Laura, FL

The meals are great! I believe I have finally found a meal delivery program that allows me to customize everything to my taste and keep the carbs out! I can eat salmon and green beans every day and now I am able to do so! Thanks so much!     Susan, CA

[I] just wanted to convey that my mother has really been enjoying her meals. When I changed her meal service to your company I crossed my fingers that she'd enjoy them, as yours is the third company we have tried. It is such a relief to know that she's getting tasty, healthy meals consistently. She's nearly 89 and meals are so important to her; and I'm glad that she enjoys them. When I see something on the menus that you send that I know is a particular love (such as chocolate), we talk about it, so looks forward to it.     Janice, CA

I am really impressed with the quality and taste of the food, your customer service, and flexibility with meal choices. I love the convenience of not having to shop and prepare food, or worse, eating junk food because I don't have time to cook.     Jennie, IN

First, I was very impressed the way the food was delivered. A nice thick box, cooler packaging and all the ice was still hard. Second, the meals are packaged and labeled so it was easy to read and heat up. And of course, the quality and taste of the meals are perfect for us. Everything tastes so fresh. My favorite so far is the vegetarian manicotti and my husband's favorite is the fillet. It has been a nice break from cooking every night.     Terri, FL

The meals/snacks are tasty and convenient. I'm eating lots more vegetables than I usually do.     Kim, MN

I haven’t been hungry once so far and I am really enjoying the meals. Ironically, I lost two pounds already so it’s very cool.     Karen, GA

I just wanted you to know that I have really enjoyed the meals I've received from Healthy Chef Creations. When I started, I ordered the 1100-1300 calorie, low-sodium 2-week plan and I continued that for 1 month because I wanted to lose some weight, lower my blood pressure, eat the correct foods, and reinforce portion control. After one month of the daily planned meals I started ordering a la carte, choosing 3 of each meal and couple of snacks or desserts. I switched to a la carte in order to mix in my own meals and ensure I was following portion control and healthy choices I needed to. Thank you for your support and attention. I truly enjoy the quality of the meals.        Laura, NM

The food is great! Very impressed! I've done other meal delivery programs and they were not this good at all. I may add some dinners for my husband and son as well!     Amy, MA

I am very impressed by the meals. I can’t believe how fresh the food tastes—and how well something, like a filet, even tastes good (and not overcooked) by the time I heat it up. I can tell a lot more care goes into making Healthy Chef food.     Doug, TX

You guys are saving my life. I think I lost almost 15 pounds eating more than ever before. I wasn't overweight either. Now, I look really fit!!     Crystal, CA

The meals have been FABULOUS, your chefs are wonderful. I have really enjoyed everything.     Meredith, CO

I've lost 25 lbs. I've got this!! ...the weight loss feels so good!! You all have been wonderful and I thank you so so much, this program works and builds confidence!! Thank you!!     Jan, ME

All very good. It is great having very tasty and healthy food readily available. I will be ordering more!! Also, love the portion sizes-perfect!     Mary, WI

I LOVE it!!! So easy, convenient and fresh. I ended up ordering a second set of meals for my husband, and between us we can feed our daughter too. We are only doing the three day because my husband wanted to try out Blue Apron. So, he cooks their food the rest of the days. Honestly, Apron's portions are big for two but they're not all organic and who wants to cook???? I just peel and pop into the oven and voila! It's also really easy to over season their [Apron's] food because they send so much spice and a lot of it is pungent. So after his Apron subscription ends, I am hoping to get him to go in with me on the 5 day. Your food is so fresh and delicious! Thanks for checking in with me!     Teresa, CA

Everything is wonderful! I am so impressed with the freshness of everything. I love it so much, I switched from the 5 day, to 7 day plan.      Dana, RI

Your service has been much appreciated and well received! Thank you again for providing such a valuable service for those in need, and I'm sure we will be calling on you again in the future!     Mary, TX

...I've felt that everyone is working hard to provide good service. I appreciate how personalized you've made this. I order meals for my mother and it makes me feel that she will receive meals that she enjoys eating, which is paramount to me. I received an email with the meals planned and it was structured so nicely that I could very easily look it over for any changes (none). I did not know that the meal would include dessert and I have to say that my mother was thrilled by that bonus!     Judy, CA

All is well on my end. I am down 27 pounds and have 3 more to go. ...I owe it all to you and the program. It was exactly what I needed to get on track. I promise to stay on track because I feel so much better and my clothes fit!!!      DA, NJ

Lost 13 pounds so far. Working well and not hungry.     Steven, NC

Kudos to you and Healthy Chef Creations for excellent food and service!     Gloria, TX

I LOVE the food!!! I am on day 2, and it is just so delicious and clean!!! I could not be more thrilled!! Just couldn't be happier!     Amy, TX

I have to admit upon seeing the meals when they were delivered, I didn't have such high hopes. Just by looking at them I was afraid it would taste like a frozen Hungry Man dinner! However, when I tasted them I was very surprised at how good they were! All the meat was incredibly tender and the meals themselves were so flavorful! I was also a little leery about portion size but that too seemed to be just right! I will definitely be ordering more meals, next time for me and my husband.      Nicole, TN

I have really liked your food so far. I tried other companies before and gave the food away, because I didn't like it. I enjoy and look forward to your food.      Joanne, OH

Can’t wait - - everything is great - - love the variety of the menu plans and I have to say the food has been excellent!     Mary, AZ

Thanks for all your help. I LOVE Healthy Chef, the personal chef I have looked for for at least 15 years and could never find.     Joline, NM

Love your meals!!!! Makes my life easier big time!!     Cheryl, FL

I'm a brand new mom, so this was the BEST birthday gift I could have asked for! I'm loving every second...but definitely no time to cook so this is perfect!     Tara, VA

The food arrived, in perfect condition (super cold inside the box) and everything looks great! These healthy meals will be a tremendous help to us this week     Gloria, VA

Remember I told you I was trying different companies before I chose one? Well you should know that Healthy Chef Creations is way above all the rest.. It wasn't even close! From customer service, to tasty food, to packaging, you are head and shoulders above the rest!      Carol, NJ

After 1 week I've lost 3 lbs and am down a size! I'm loving this...     Ellen, NE

I have lost 3 lbs this week. Followed everything to the tee...I think the food is great!      Pamela, NJ

My husband and I absolutely love this service. We both work long hours every week and it has always been a constant battle of "what's for dinner tonight?" With [Healthy Chef Creations], it's a no-brainer. The meals are delicious! We have placed our order for our next delivery on the [date] and we will be making a lot more orders in the future.     Erin, FL

The food arrived and was very good! I really liked the linguini especially. It was a big help having some dinners for the first week after having our son. We really enjoyed having these meals sent and thank you very much!     Brandon, NC

I've been meaning to contact you guys, because I wanted to tell you how AWESOME the meals were! We just finished them up tonight. Everything was spectacular. I felt like I was at a spa. It was all so small and light, and yet filling and completely satisfying. This was a gift from a friend of ours for postpartum after we had our second baby. SUCH a perfect, healthy gift! It sure beats having to eat junk food that I was forced to eat last time by some very sweet and well meaning friends     Kristi, IL

I've lost 19 1/2 pounds, no longer have bloating, indigestion, or migraines. You are terrific to work with. The food is high quality and the variety is great! I just went clothes shopping, before Healthy Chef Creations I was a size 14. Now I'm a size 8!!! Thank you so much!!! I could have never done this without you and Healthy Chef!!    Wendy, NC

Really appreciate it! By the way, loved the yogurt parfait with bananas and figs this morning and the quinoa breakfast bowl yesterday. And I have to say the steak dinner was better than the steak I got at a fancy restaurant over the weekend!     Doreen, NJ

I was amazed at the packaging and care that went into my delivery. I like how everything was labeled. I have always wanted someone just to present me with my food and say "Eat this." That is why I tried your program. Thanks so much......PS- I lost 7 pounds this week and was never hungry.     Stephanie, OH

Thanks, this was a gift for my father-in-law. He enjoyed the food very much.     Patty, MD

Now I’ve fallen in LOVE with the Fisherman’s Shrimp & Egg Breakfast – AMAZING!!!! You have some GREAT chefs!! It’s a ton of fun to experiment with your food, and I’ve always ruined filet mignon when I tried to cook it, so it’s great to have it cooked deliciously! Such a treat.     Linda, WA

I've lost 8lbs!!! YEAH!!! The food is really good!!! Lunch is my favorite!!     Mandy, CA

We just had our first family meal tonight (salmon, green beans and spa salad) and the whole family loved it. It was fresh, perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked. Thank you!     Debra, VA

Thank you for your help. I have to say that the food is beyond compare and just as good as any restaurant could offer. Very easy to follow and I like the energy drinks and smoothies as well. Everything was delicious.     Mona, PA

We are loving this service, the overall convenience and quality are great!     Laurie, VA

I have been SO pleasantly surprised with how good everything is. It’s so convenient and I am really happy I made this investment.     Nicole, WA

I just want to send you a note to say I've been really enjoying the meals! They are delicious.     Dyanna, DE

We loved all the meals we ordered and will be following up with another order tonight. We have recently just gone through the delivery of our newest child and these healthy meals are great for removing the time and stress of preparing dinners for ourselves while caring for our 15 mo. old and our newborn.     Abe, NC

I love it, thank you! I'm hooked!     Meghan, MA

The food tasted great and it was a convenience to be delivered     Teri, MI

I'm losing weight and I feel full and satisfied.     Carlee, OH

The food was great. It's wonderful to eat real food again! [My wife and I] both work long hours so dinner had become picking up take out - definitely not a healthy way to eat. Also, thanks for changing the menu every week. We both enjoy the variety available.     Jim, VA

I like that Healthy Chef Creations allows the A La Carte option, which fits my needs as a busy mother of two. I love to cook and I cook for my family at dinner, and therefore only wanted breakfast and lunches which I could bring to work and therefore avoid the need to eat out at lunch time.    Rebecca, MD

Over the years I've ordered from Healthy Chef Creations many times - predominately because I traveled a lot with work and you shipped anywhere. I've been so pleased. I'm so appreciative of your service and have recommended you to many.     Christine, AZ

Your food is delicious!     Laurie, NY

AWESOME!! I love your food and I have lost 13 pounds!!     Jennifer, VA

I love all the food choices! I feel like the only thing holding me back from eating healthy was the time to prepare the food, so discovering you has felt like a total MIRACLE!!! I have already told my mom and many friends about it.     Angie, MN

[Healthy Chef Creations] I'd like to thank you for helping me do something I've never been able to do. Lose weight and be so excited to do it. I have been on the [Healthy Weight Loss] program for 9 weeks and have lost 45 pounds as of this morning. I must admit the first week I was hungry every day, but after that I've been completely satisfied each meal. I've not been hungry unless I've not eaten when I knew I should. I have told numerous people about your program and will continue to tell everyone that asks "What have you done to lose that weight? You look great!” I just had blood work done yesterday and will fax you the proof that it works. P.S. I'm not exercising and still enjoy my evening cocktails as always. My number if anyone wants to ask how I'm doing and what my weight is currently and if I'm a real person is [redacted] and no, I'm not paid to say this, my food cost the same as yours. I'm a LIFE LONG customer. Jeff, MS

Well, three important people, all Doctors, have seen me, checked my blood work carefully and completed my annual examinations. Each one was totally pleased to see such progress. One indicated I could be a poster child for “doing it right,” he likes successes and particularly when done the natural “right way,” with correct eating habits plus exercise and NO crash diets and NO magic pill either. My regular family doctor, who has known me for perhaps 35-40 years, said I am the absolutely healthiest he has ever seen me, and again due to the same attributes, a good workout program plus a healthy diet. These are testaments to the fact that it can be done and done the right way. I feel great and no longer skip meals, which was one of the big culprits for me of getting into trouble. I am now eating more and always regularly with your program. I am almost never hungry and feel more energetic too. [Healthy Chef Creations meal programs] are slow and steady, with no pain or suffering like with crash diets. Do it the natural healthy way, it works!!!!     Lois, NY

I LOVED the healthy pancakes for breakfast. They were my favorite and also the yogurt breakfasts!! I loved the cheesecake, macadamia snack, espresso cookie, and brownie dessert. The meals were also good and fresh. Loved the detox juice. I loved the fruits mix as part of my lunch!! The fisherman’s breakfast with the shrimp, grits, apples and grapefruit was outstanding! I just had the seafood gumbo meal... delicious!!      Yakima, FL

Your Breakfast To Go is my favorite thing that you make. It is sooooooooo perfect!     Carol, IL

…they were both delicious! I'm especially excited to be able to share these meals with my 11-month-old. He loved the fish and millet mashed potatoes. I'm definitely coming back!”     Agata, FL

[Our friend] gave me and my honey, recovering from major surgery, the gift of 4 of your dinners. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to find good tasting, fast preparing, innovative dishes, with wholesome ingredients.     Toni, MD

I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for finding these meals. Every time I open one, I am grateful. I have been trying to lose weight for 20 years and nothing, nothing has worked for me. It may work a little bit and then I gain it back. This is the first time I have actually seen remarkable results. I love these meals. It is like have my meals from a 5 star restaurant or the best weight loss spa. The meals are delicious and satisfying. My cravings for sweets that used to be uncontrollable are gone. I had a piece of hard candy and had to throw it out because it was too sweet for me now. Besides that, I feel healthy and I love being lighter. I have had food delivery [from other services] before and the food was highly processed and they told you to make [your own] salad because nothing they gave you was fresh. I am getting fresh food now and I am feeling good not just from the weight loss, but from healthy food. When I was on a diet before, I would lack energy to do a hard workout. Now I say "Bring it on." Thank you Healthy Chef.     Carol, CA

I love the food and will certainly order again. I have ordered food from probably 10 or more different companies over the years and I like yours the best.     Penny, OH

Please do thank your whole team for making my Mom's life SO much easier and taking the stress off her... She is now excited about dinner rather than being stressed about deciding what to have and then having to make it for herself. Your service and food is really exactly what she needs! We'll be putting in our order next week!      Charlotte, MD

Love the food!!!! Very happy with my meals and delivery!!     Priscilla, NY

I really learned how to eat better and organically by using your service. By the way, I lost 30 pounds in the process!     Debra, FL

We love the meals! They are delicious, healthy and perfect portions.     Nicole, FL

It's tasty satisfying food! I look forward to each meal.     Nancy, FL

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the food…Healthy Chef Creations is a great find. I can’t believe I haven’t tried it sooner. Thanks again for easy and delicious meals. I can’t wait to order again!     Dena, FL

I love love love the program! I've already shed a few pounds and feel wonderful...WAHOO!!!     Cheryl, FL

I started ordering breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus snacks and desserts) from Healthy Chef Creations the month before I had my baby girl. She is 6 months old now and I have continued ordering meals each week. I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy and have lost 50 pounds at 6 months post delivery. I feel great and have never been tired - something that is supposed to plague new moms. I attribute this to napping with my baby and getting excellent nutrition. I frequently marvel at the variety of ingredients that go into each meal I enjoy from your company. I breast feed exclusively and am confident that my baby is enjoying the best food she can possibly get to grow and thrive. I look forward to my shipment each week and have never gotten bored with the food. You offer an excellent variety. My husband and I are "foodies"; we travel extensively and eat at many excellent restaurants all over the country and we find Healthy Chef Creations to be consistently delicious. The convenience alone is life changing. Thank you for providing this excellent service.     Jessica, KY

I have benefited from your [Healthy Weight Loss] program program a lot!!! I love the food, I am losing weight and learning portion control. I am making sure the word will spread.     Bas, MA

What a delightful surprise! For years, we've hired private chefs to cook our meals. This time, we decided to give [Healthy Chef Creations] a try and have our food delivered to us. The food was exceptional! Our household is very health-conscience with very specific dietary needs. We needed our food prepared fresh, healthy, organic and taste good. A combination that is difficult to find.  Not only was the cuisine wonderful, but it was simple to place orders. The food was delivered to our home quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend and have recommended The Healthy Chef!     Tamia (singer-songwriter) and Grant Hill (retired 7-time NBA All-Star)

Love the food. Love the fact that it's organic. Love the portion control. Love that I DON'T have to shop, menu plan, cook or clean up. This has been one of the biggest contributions to maintaining my sanity with such a crazy hectic career/life. When you factor in all the time savings and no waste, I am certain the high quality organic food is a good value for the money. 
Can't say enough - Thank you...     Emily, FL

Food has been delicious and high quality!     Jan, CA

We just want to acknowledge your suberb culinary talents as our personal chef over the past year. As our household is extremely health-conscious and preferential to organic meals and ingredients, we were particularly pleased with your ability to provide a variety of specialty meals tailored to our specific needs.     David Leadbetter (Professional Golf Coach/Instructor)

The food is great. I have lost 7 pounds in less than 2 weeks. I definitely want to continue.     LuAnn, VA

I must say, I absolutely loved every one of the dinners I received. Everything was packaged well and instructions were easy to understand.     Elisa, FL

I discovered your operation and began to participate about 3 months ago. In that period, my weight has gone from 215 pounds to 195, my waist has gone from a snug 38" to a comfortable 34", and I feel more energetic and just plain good. This progress has motivated me to step up my exercise/cardio program, and my at-rest heart rate has dropped from 65 to 51, on its way to my personal goal of under 50. The best part is that I am never hungry. I don't eat less, I just eat better. …I just wanted to tell you how your cooking has affected me personally and to thank you for providing an easy, natural way to achieve my lifetime goals of good health and long life. Please keep up the good work.     Jim McDonald (Actor)

This is my first week on the food, but I am pleasantly surprised at how fresh, well seasoned and filling the food is. Loved the ginger snap cookie. Didn't even taste gluten-free.     Lori, VA

[I] love Fridays to see what surprises I am getting. I then work my way through some of my favorites and get to choose what I am in the mood for. It is interesting being a vegetarian (who cheats with fish), so I am learning a lot about the types of beans that come out to make up for the protein I don't eat.  It has been a real blast!!     Patricia, GA

The food is fabulous. My son lives in [redacted]…and I tried this service in hopes of getting him to eat better. He is so busy and not much of a cook. He loved the meals, said it was just like home cooking. Thanks.     Laura, FL

I have really enjoyed the food - it is spectacular and I recommend it to everyone I run into. I gained 60 pounds with the first baby and over the last year have lost 50 pounds thanks to the Healthy Chef and a good exercise routine.     Amy, FL

We really enjoyed our first family order and would like to continue the service. We loved the variety of the sides and main dishes, and we sometimes fought over our favorites :-). My kids are eating more of their meals every day, and without complaining, which is fabulous!     Charlyn, FL

Thanks to your wonderful meals, my weight dropped from 215 to 188 lbs., and my waist shrunk from 36 to 32 inches, which was my waist size when I was only 25 years old! I can never thank you enough for this amazing transformation.     Ray, FL

First, I must say the food is absolutely delicious. I literally have to fight off co-workers when I am warming up my meals at work and have been warned not to leave my food out of sight for too long. Also thank you so much for being able to accommodate my many inconvenient food allergies.    Adrienne, MD

It's like having a gourmet chef in your kitchen catering to your specific tastes and needs. What an experience, the scrumptious taste of natural, whole organic foods…     Sheri, FL

I joined Weight Watchers, with a goal to lose about 70-75 pounds. I decided to change all my eating habits by going on their Core Plan, which has a major component of eating whole grain foods. I wanted to go the extra step and eat healthy, organic meals. I love to cook, but my busy schedule with work and church makes it difficult to select and eat the right foods. Having you as my personal chef has been a blessing! Your meals have not only help me save time and money (no grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning up), but also allow me to select the right foods. Your incredible meals are so delicious and satisfying that I do not feel as if I have been on a diet. Instead, I am eating healthy, fresh, organic, well-balanced meals that are better for my body. I feel more energized and have lost weight naturally. I am proud to say that since I started exercising and ordering meals from you, I have lost 36 pounds! Let me tell you, I feel AWESOME! I am also losing A LOT of inches and ALL my old clothes are now too big, which is wonderful! I am on the right track and halfway to meeting my goal. Many of my friends and co-workers have noticed my weight loss, and that I present myself as a more confident woman. I recommend [Healthy Chef Creations] to everyone with whom I speak. Anyone thinking about losing weight and wanting to feel better should definitely try your meals. They have nothing to lose but those extra pounds, and I can guarantee they will not be disappointed!     Millie, FL