Terms and Conditions


By purchasing from Healthy Chef Creations®, you acknowledge and agree to abide by and be subject to these terms and conditions and the other policies of Healthy Chef Creations, which are subject to change and may be changed without notice at the company's sole discretion. Individual purchases or orders may be subject to additional terms and conditions (e.g., special offers, promotional discounts, customized programs), which are incorporated herein by reference.


We guarantee we will take your profile preferences into account when selecting your meals for standard and custom meal programs, and we will prepare individual A La Carte items as ordered by you. We guarantee that your meals will stay fresh through shipping for the entire delivery week (i.e., 7 days after the normal delivery date - Friday to Friday) provided you follow our simple handling instructions once your meals are delivered.  If any of our products do not remain fresh with proper handling during the guaranteed freshness period, or if we do make a mistake and send you a meal or menu item in error, we will credit your Healthy Chef Creations account for the individual meal or menu item at issue. Only the individual meal or menu item will be credited to your Healthy Chef Creations account, not the entire order.


We prepare our food in a certified, licensed, sanitary, professional kitchen. Our facility is not certified to be free from wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, shellfish, nuts or any other potential allergens. Traces of potential allergens may be found in the ingredients and other food items received from our suppliers. As we prepare meals in a kitchen that may contain potential allergens, we do not guarantee our meals are completely free from potential allergens. Your safety is important to us. If you have a severe or life-threatening food allergy, please refrain from ordering from Healthy Chef Creations.


Your account profile preferences are intended to be truly “preferences” and are not intended to be absolute requirements. We do not guarantee that there will be no amounts of any ingredient in our meals. Your safety is important to us. If you have a severe or life-threatening dietary or medical condition that restricts your ability to eat any amount of certain foods or ingredients, please refrain from ordering from Healthy Chef Creations.

Standard Meal Programs

Customers can indicate their individual food and allergen preferences in their main account profile and the preferences of other family members in their sub-account profiles. When you order a standard meal program (e.g., The Healthy Chef Diet, Healthy Living, Gluten-Free Meals) and select which person/profile you are ordering for during checkout, that profile’s preferences will be applied to the order and our team will take these profile preferences into account when selecting the individual meals for you and creating your personalized menu each week. It is your responsibility to make sure you have marked your account profile clearly for allergens and food preferences that will be applied to your standard meal program orders.

A La Carte Orders

Account profile food and allergen preferences do not apply to A La Carte orders. When ordering A La Carte meals, you select your own individual items and preparation options; your A La Carte items will be prepared as ordered by you regardless of your account profile preferences. It is your responsibility to check the A La Carte menu carefully for items that may cause allergic reactions or otherwise do not meet your personal preferences. Please contact us directly before ordering if you have any questions or concerns about an individual menu item.

Custom Meal Programs

For customers who would like to request additional preferences (beyond the standard ones available in the account profiles), for those with special dietary needs, and for those who would like a food program not offered as one of our standard meal programs, Healthy Chef Creations is happy to create a customized meal program for you. Custom programs cannot be ordered online and require a personalized quotation to make sure we can meet your needs. All custom programs must be agreed to in writing and pricing for custom meal programs varies and is on an as-quoted basis only. Custom orders may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which are incorporated herein by reference.

Changes made to your preferences and allergen information in your account profile after you complete your purchase will be applied to future purchases and also to future delivery weeks for existing orders, but they may not be reflected in your upcoming current delivery week. Changes to specialized preferences or custom program orders must be agreed to in writing. Changes requested for custom meal programs may require a re-quote and may incur additional fees. All changes to preference and allergen information made after a weekly order deadline (i.e., Thursday night the week before the delivery date) will not be reflected in that week’s delivery.


Orders may be placed online at www.HealthyChefCreations.com or via phone at 866-575-CHEF (2433). As our meals are made-to-order, prepared from scratch, and delivered ready-to-eat each week, all orders are due on Thursday by 11:59pm ET, the week prior to the desired Friday delivery date (8 days before the delivery date). All orders must be paid in full prior to the weekly order deadline.

Changes to shipping addresses in profiles will be applied to future purchases only, and will not be automatically applied to remaining delivery weeks for existing orders from previous purchases. To change the shipping address for a future delivery week on an existing order from a previous purchase, please contact Customer Service. Shipping addresses for existing orders from previous purchases cannot be changed online. Changes to shipping addresses made after the time of purchase may require additional shipping charges and sales taxes.

Please check all order and delivery information carefully when placing your order and on your order confirmation. Notify Customer Service immediately if there is an error. We are not responsible for errors in orders or delivery due to your profile selections, information or delivery instructions (e.g., name misspellings, incorrect or incomplete address information, lack of phone number), or changes made to your profile after the weekly order deadline has passed.  


You may cancel or change an order for a future (non-current) delivery date at any time up until Thursday, 11:59pm ET the week prior to the delivery date (i.e., 8 days before the scheduled delivery date), the weekly order cut-off time. As we purchase the ingredients and prepare the meals especially for your order from scratch each week, cancellations and order changes after the weekly order cut-off time (i.e., 8 days prior to the delivery date) are not permitted. All cancellation requests must be made in writing by emailing us at info@healthychefcreations.com.

If you place an order for a multi-week plan or place an order using a promotional price discount or offer, and you receive any of the meals from such order and then subsequently cancel your order for the remaining future (non-current) delivery dates, you shall be charged the standard undiscounted weekly price for the plan or meals and other items delivered (including any for the current delivery date), and you shall be credited/refunded the balance remaining. For example, if you purchase a 13-week plan using a promotional discount, and after nine weeks cancel your order for the remaining four future (non-current) delivery dates, you would be charged for nine 1-week plans at the standard 1-week plan price, and you would be credited/refunded the balance remaining, if any.

As our fresh meals are made-to-order and perishable, Healthy Chef Creations does not accept product returns. Except as otherwise described herein and as required by law, all refunds or partial refunds will be provided as promotional discounts that will appear as a credit in your Healthy Chef Creations account online and will be automatically applied as a discount on your next purchase(s). These promotional credits shall expire if not used within two years after issuance. For cancellations only, you may elect to receive your net refund amount for your cancelled order on your payment card or via check instead of as a promotional credit on your Healthy Chef Creations account, less a $25 charge for processing.


Meals will generally be delivered once per week, usually on Fridays. During holidays or other circumstances where delivery or overnight shipping is not available (e.g., national holidays, weather emergencies) we will contact you to make special delivery/shipping arrangements or to postpone your weekly order to another weekly delivery date.

Nationwide Shipping

We deliver to residential addresses nationwide in the U.S. and Puerto Rico via overnight next day delivery (e.g., FedEx, UPS). The overnight delivery services will leave your package at the residential delivery address with no signature required. Deliveries to business addresses require special shipping instructions and a signature is required (please contact Customer Service for any delivery requests to business addresses). Deliveries to certain areas (e.g., extremely rural areas, Puerto Rico, parts of Alaska and Hawaii) may require additional shipping charges or other special delivery arrangements. We reserve the right to charge additional shipping fees or require a minimum order size for all deliveries.

Local Delivery (Orlando, FL Area Only)

For customers in the Orlando, FL area, Healthy Chef Creations may, at its option, elect to deliver meals directly to you instead of using an overnight delivery service. In the event of local delivery, our driver will deliver your meals on Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. If you are not home, your meals will be left at your front door (unless otherwise instructed) in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs. Please contact customer service to provide any special delivery instructions. It is your responsibility to secure your pets, provide required gate codes, and notify guard stations so our delivery driver may access your community. In the event our driver is prevented from completing a delivery due to unsecured pets or inability to gain access to your delivery address, you may either request that our driver make a second delivery attempt or make arrangements to pick up your meals at our facility. We reserve the right to charge additional delivery fees for second delivery attempts and for deliveries with consistent issues.

Meal Pickup (Orlando, FL Area Only)

Customers in the Orlando, FL area may elect to pick up their meals at the Healthy Chef Creations facility located at 1435 Howell Branch Road, Winter Park, FL 32789 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Fridays or Mondays. If you are unable to pick up your meals during the scheduled times, it is your responsibility to notify Customer Service and reschedule a pick-up time or make alternative arrangements. As the meals are fresh, perishable and have a limited shelf life, unclaimed meals and meals not picked up during the scheduled times (without prior alternative arrangements) will be disposed of or donated to a local food shelter.


Unless otherwise specified, gift certificates may be applied to the purchase of any products or services offered by Healthy Chef Creations at the time of redemption, and may be combined with other discounts and promotions. Gift certificates may not be redeemed for cash and all gift certificate purchases are final and non-refundable. Gift certificates do not expire until redeemed. Please treat gift certificates like cash; they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.


Healthy Chef Creations uses premium, all-natural, and organic ingredients wherever practicable. However, the supply of some ingredients (e.g., organic, wild-caught, seasonal) at the quantities we need each week is sometimes not practical or even possible. While we use reasonable efforts to use only organic, all-natural, free-range and wild-caught ingredients, Healthy Chef Creations meals are not, and we do not claim to be, entirely organic.


The information on this website and communicated by our Customer Service representatives and other employees is to be used for informational purposes only. The meals, nutritional suggestions, dietary programs and other products and services offered by Healthy Chef Creations are not intended to be medical advice. They are not offered or intended to treat, mitigate or cure any type of disease, sickness or weight problem, or to replace vitamins, pre/post-natal supplements, medications, or nutritional recommendations provided to you by your medical provider. Healthy Chef Creations products, services, nutritional information and programs should not be used as a substitute for sound medical advice. Healthy Chef Creations shall not be responsible or otherwise liable under any circumstances for any illness or health problem that may result from the consumption of its prepared foods, meals or other products. Consult your healthcare provider before taking nutritional supplements or beginning any diet or exercise program.


Consumer Advisory: Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.